Encourage the Others – 60 second interview


This week, writer of Encourage the Others, John Donnelly answers our quickfire questions about his play and the world of the Young Friends. 

John Donnelly

How are you involved with Young Friends?
Before writing Encourage the Others for them, I was allowed to observe their inner workings, or workshops as they call them. Being a very old man, I think I was there as a kind of health warning to the Young Friends as to what happens if you let yourself go.

What was your first impression of Encourage the Others when you read it? (or when you’d finished writing it!)
I thought to myself  ‘where next for theatre?’

Can you give us one word to describe Encourage the Others?

Give us your most memorable moment from rehearsals so far…
When any of the company are late they are forced to perform a ritual dance or sing a song by way of humiliation. I liked that.

What is your favourite line from the script?
The bar here’s limited

What’s your most embarrassing moment on stage (not necessarily at the Almeida Theatre)?
Failing an audition at school

Who is your most inspirational actor / actress?
Changes all the time. All good actors give you a sense of possibility. Who did I see last that was good? Amanda Lawrence is very good in Government Inspector at the Young Vic.

Tickets £10 / £7.50 concessions.
Performances 8pm 29 & 30, 5pm 30
Book now 

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